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Monthly Archives: January 2018

What Is The Best Time To Workout?
Tuesday, 23 January 2018

  There are some people who like to be early at the gym while others prefer exercising when they’ve finished their work day or home duties. Some people even choose to work out at night, which many of us can’t imagine doing! What exactly is the best time to exercise? Let’s compare the benefits of

What Is The Soreness After Exercise?
Monday, 08 January 2018

  Whether you work out almost everyday or are new to physical fitness, you have probably experienced this at least once... a sore and tired feeling in the muscles the day after, and likely 2 days after, you exercise. Some wonder if this means they over-extended themselves, while others are convinced this indicates results. If

Health Benefits of Spin Cycling: 6 Reasons To Spin!
Sunday, 07 January 2018

  Spin cycling classes are incredibly fun and you'll notice that many EFM workouts incorporate riding the spin bikes. "Spinning" became a hit because of the increasing interest in health and fitness across the globe. You may think that exercising on a stationary bike will bore you, but you will be surprised with how much it can

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