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About the club
Welcome from the team at EFM Health Club Box Hill

At EFM Health Clubs Gym in Box Hill our focus is to achieve health & fitness results In a comfortable, friendly and supportive environment.

Each time you attend EFM Box Hill a fitness coach will guide you through your workout that will be tailored to your goals and capabilities.

Your program will change each time you visit to maximize results and enjoyment. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength, and conditioning, improved fitness or just a quick 30-minute workout In your lunch break, we will ensure you get the most out of each session.

At EFM we are – A warm welcome on a cold morning. We are laughs amongst the grunts and groans.

We are old friends and new friends. People like you. A place to share your goals and celebrate your success.

We are just down the road. We are in a company, school or hospital.

We are a club that cares about your health. No glam. No Sham.

Personalized trainers without the exorbitant personal training fees. We are free of contracts and unrealistic commitments.

We are the kind of club you belong in. The kind of club you thought you’d never find.

We are EFM Health Clubs. A good fit for your life. A good fit for you.

The right fit for you. Its about people. Gyms are facilities. Clubs are about people.

We are EFM Health Clubs.

The right fit for you.



Contact Person:  Josh Davidson
Owner:  Daniel Hayes
Box Hill, Blackburn, Doncaster, Balwyn
Monday to Friday - 6:00AM - 8:30AM
Monday to Friday - 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Mon, Wed, Fri - 12:00PM - 1:30PM
Fitness coach
Josh Davidson

Josh is a highly experienced and qualified fitness coach, holding a degree in Exercise and Sport Science as well as 5 years of personal training experience under his belt. In this time Josh has helped many clients with their weight loss, strength and rehabilitation goals. Outside of the gym Josh is a keen cricketer and also loves hiking and the outdoors, recently making it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

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Michelle Bleazby

“My husband Lance and I joined EFM about 5 years ago with Ty Menzies as our coach. Lance and I both work full time as well as have 2 teenage children and although we lived about 30minutes from EFM we had heard great things. Well within less than 6 months Lance and I had lost more than 40kg and we have now been members for more than 5years continuing to improve with our health and fitness. There are a lot of gyms around but EFM is loads of fun, everyone is really friendly and you feel like you really belong. ”

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“My wife Michelle and I started with EFM Health Club's as we were over weight, unhappy and ready to make a change well within 6 months the team at EFM had helped us to lose more than 40kg between us. Now more than 4 Years later we are both members and have lost even more weight and reached new goals. I have now run a number of half marathons & have taken the role as club runner for the kids footy teams every weekend & I have found a renewed vitality for life getting stronger in all areas of my life not just my physical appearance. ”

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Box Hill (Box Hill Hospital)


Box Hill Hospital, Level 4 Building B , Box Hill, VIC, 3128


0498 333 793

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