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We look forward to introducing you to our proven formula for success in fitness, weight loss and general health and well-being. As a valued EFM Health Club member, you have a qualified Fitness Coach on hand every session to provide encouragement and support and the guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Your membership is a Flexible Monthly Membership, so you’re not weighed down by a lock-in contract giving you great peace of mind that you will receive a tailored, results focused program for ongoing satisfaction.

Every Membership entitles you to:

– Unlimited Personal Fitness Coaching at EVERY SESSIONS

– Functional Training classes

– Toning Classes

– The Muscle Club

– Weekly Assessments

– Nutritional plans and Counseling

– 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

– Yoga and Mobilisation Classes

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We look forward to working with you to reach your goals



Contact Person:  Ramis Amanoel
Gladesville, Henley, Huntleys Point, Hunters Hill, Tennyson Point, Putney
Monday to Friday: 6am to 8pm
Saturday: 7am to 11am
Sunday:9am to 12pm
Fitness coach
Ramis Amanoel
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1 Monash rd, Gladesville, Gladesville, NSW, 2111


0434 406 669

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