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Adrian Zajac


Specialize In

Strength & conditioning, keeping members “switched on”!!


Adrian has been with EFM for over six years, initially starting as a member and then progressing to a Fitness Coach!

Let’s Meet Adrian!



Gepps Cross
Industry experience, including time in EFM:
6 years (was a member- loved it that much i became a coach & bought a club!)
Area of expertise when it comes to coaching members:
Strength & conditioning, keeping members “switched on”!!
Favourite cardio machine:
Rower or Airdyne - both get the body pumping!!
Favourite exercise:
Hang power snatch or dead-lifts - every muscle in your body gets used!! (if you don't know what this exercise is, never worry because I'll teach you!)
Are you a morning or afternoon exerciser?
Definitely mornings (9:30am!)
Best thing about EFM:
The personal attention you get- you just cant beat that @ ANY gym!
Favourite motivational quote:
“Pain is temporary, Pride is forever” (I even have that tattooed across my chest to remind me every day to work hard and to be proud of what I achieve!)
What would you be doing if you weren’t an EFM Franchisee?
I’d probably be in the Special Forces- major mental and physical strength to do that job!
Who inspires you and why?
My members. Simply because they are wanting to feel & look better day in and day out- no matter what session I put them through! Their dedication and drive is very inspiring.
Top tip for keeping fit & healthy…
Clean eating and consistent training... you NEED both - not just one to feel the best you can. I’m a big advocate for these two things in life!

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