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Steve Drage



My name is Steve and I’m your new Coach here at EFM Southport.

I have been a Qualified Personal Trainer since 2011.

Most of my life I have been involved in different sports but my love of Kung Fu has inspired me and led me to where I am today.

I trained in traditional Shaolin Temple Kung Fu for over 20yrs. It was my Martial Arts that led to a 10year career in “Stunts” working alongside the worlds most famous in a variety of blockbuster films. When I broke my neck and back 8 years ago, I had to change my mindset to cope; self-heal and overcome the frustration and restriction I was forced into. I had to start from the beginning and take each day, each training session as it came to get fitter and stronger again. It was my love of training and helping others that brought me back to study and become a PT.

I have a huge passion for all round Health and Fitness, and my aim is to help people achieve their goal- whatever that may be. When it comes to training, mental strength is just as important as physical strength. The stronger the mind, The stronger the Body. When the body gives up, the mind takes over- When the mind gives up-follow your heart, it will never let you down.

I am excited to start my journey as part of the EFM family and I look forward to meeting you all in the club soon!



Private: Southport

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