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Tegan Giuffreda



Name: Coachette Tegan Giuffreda

Club: Woodville

Hello and welcome to the EFM Woodville website, my name is Tegan Giola but around the club I’m also known as Coachette Tegan. Over the last 6 years I always look forward to spending my day with my amazing members and helping them get fitter, healthier and happier no matter what age, injuries or goals they have. I’m also here to help you find the motivation you need to get on track so you too can be working towards your own goals and aspiration.

10 Reps with the Coach

  1. Industry experience, including time in EFM: 6 Years

  2.  Area of expertise when it comes to coaching members: Personalising sessions for each member and variety each day.

  3.  Favourite cardio machine: Treadmill

  4.  Favourite exercise: Stetching

  5.  Are you a morning or afternoon exerciser? Any time of the day!

  6.  Best thing about EFM: The members

  7.  Favourite motivational quote: Bloom where you are planted!

  8.  What would you be doing if you weren’t an EFM Franchisee? Dancing

  9.  Who inspires you and why? My Dad who reminds me to be positive and my Mum who shows me anything is possible!

  10.  Top tip for keeping fit & healthy… ? Make time for yourself to enjoy a workout then you’ll enjoy it too!







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