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With over 22 years of experience and more than 65 fitness franchises across 5 states, our business model is established, with a proven track record of success.

As a group, we have been named in the BRW Fast Franchises for overall turnover growth on four separate occasions. This makes EFM the most consistent Franchise for growth in Australia.

EFM offers you a choice of three unique fitness business models:

1.Onsite Fitness Businesses at hospitalswhere we run fitness programs for staff of the hospital, with over 20 of these hospital programs currently operating throughout Australia.

2.Onsite Fitness Businesses at schools where we run fitness programs for the school and local community, with over 25 of these school programs currently operating throughout Australia.

3.Onsite Fitness Businesses for corporate organisations where we run fitness programs for staff of the organisation, with over 30 of these corporate programs currently operating throughout Australia.

Service to members:

We’ve successfully blended the offerings of a personal trainer and commercial gym and provide members with a unique Personalised Training experience that is very affordable. EFM is closely aligned to a Personal Trainer in terms of service to members, but our low cost business model allows us to price the service more closely to commercial gym memberships.

At EFM. we aim to create a sustainable, regular exercise habit for members, and very much back up this promise with our Flexible Monthly Membership structure. From a business model perspective, the membership structure means EFM is an attractive alternative for the many people who have tried and failed on a 12 month contract with large commercial gyms and circuit gyms.

The EFM philosophy is that no two members are the same and that every member has differing needs. Therefore, EFM members have a Personalised Trainer on hand every session that tailors their workout towards their individual goals. The relationship is very much like a player-coach relationship in a team sport scenario.
Essentially, EFM is an ideal place for anyone looking at joining a gym or health club. The membership structure is flexible and affordable, the ongoing member support and guidance is unrivaled by commercial gyms, sessions are time-effective and the focus of Personalised Trainers is towards member satisfaction and results.



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