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How to Tone Arms Fast (5 Tips & 4 Exercises)
Thursday, 28 June 2018


Eating healthier and working out regularly are the foundations of any weight loss plan and you might like to know that simply making a few basic lifestyle changes can be of significant help if you’re looking to tone up and lose weight.

Flabby arms usually appear to come from nowhere but in many cases they occur due to gradual weight gain over time. Despite myths that would have you believe that the way to tone arms is to do resistance training regularly to  “spot tone”, the reality is that the key to toning any particular area of the body is to combine weight loss tactics to trim body fat covering muscles and also perform resistance training to the target muscle group. You need to perform both to succeed!

Let’s begin with some general tips on how to reduce your weight.

1. Drinking water

It is well-known that drinking water can help with weight loss. Drinking water can enhance your metabolism, assisting you to burn some extra calories. YOu can also use the consumption of water to offset feelings of hunger and try drinking a glass of water before meals so that your overall food consumption is less.

2. Consume protein during breakfast

Eating protein at breakfast can help you get through the day and through to lunch without the need to or take an early lunch due to hunger. Eggs are an ideal source but just remember this… Toast and cereal has crept into our diets as the go-to breakfast foods, but there’s no law saying you can’t eat other foods at breaky. Change it up!

3. Drink coffee

Quality coffee contains antioxidants and has a variety of benefits. Caffeine can provide a slight boost to your metabolism. Just ensure that you do not add a lot of sugar as that obviously offsets any benefits you get from the metabolism boost.

4. Drink green tea

Similar to coffee, green has also many benefits, and aiding in weight loss is one them. Green tea has small caffeine amounts though it also contains potent antioxidants known as catechins, which work synergistically with the caffeine to boost burning of calories in the body. Even though the proof is mixed, numerous studies are showing that green tea can assist you to lose weight whether as a beverage or green tea extract. Plus, sipping tea during the day can help you avoid snacking.

5. Have healthy meals around

Starving yourself is a crazy idea and of course, you’re going to need to snack during the day. The best way to ensure that the snacking is beneficial to weight loss and not harmful is to have plenty of healthy snacks on hand. Carry a few snacks such as veges, yogurt, fruits or even a hard boiled egg.

Best Arm Toning Exercises


Bicep Curls

For front of arm toning, take  dumbbells in each hand. Face yoru palms outwards. Keeping your elbows by your side, gently lift the dumbbell up towards your chest. Lower down steadily to the bottom and repeat. Try 3 lots of 15-20.

Bend over reverse fly

This exercise involves the muscles behind your shoulders and gives you nice shape and tone of the upper back and shoulders. Slightly bend your knees and move the dumbbells outwards in a swift movement till the arms create a straight line across. It is crucial that your palms do not face each other and instead face your body. You could repeat the exercise for 3 lots of 15-20.

Lateral Raises

This one works on the top of your shoulders. Pick up one dumbbell in each hand. Stand with your torso straight, and hold the dumbbells with your palms facing your body. Without moving your torso, slowly lift the weights with each hand, keeping them steady and even, and pause for a moment at the top. Repeat 3 lots of 15-20.

Overhead tricep extensions

This exercise tones the back of your ams. Place your arms above your head and have a dumbbell with every hand. Drop your hands at the back of your head and gradually lift them up. This move works on your triceps thus you will feel the burn. Maintain the elbows close to the ears when repeating this move and also keep your core engaged. Do these ten reps.


Put together, gradually losing weight via the tips mentioned above, and then incorporating some specific arm toning exercises, you’ll get rid of arm flab (and keep it off) in no time!




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