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How to Lose Cheek Fat (8 Steps To A Slimmer Face)
Friday, 28 July 2017


Cheek fat can make your face look big. Finding the right angle for your selfie can be a challenge, and people may think that you have gained weight. If you have grown tired of having chubby cheeks, then you are on the right page for help!

Ways To Lose Cheek Fat

Reducing your overall body fat

Interval training for weight loss

You need to lose weight in order to make your face look slimmer. Spot reduction exercise should be combined with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Consuming fewer calories than normal will help you lose weight. Many people tend to store fat in the neck, face, and jaw areas. If you want to enjoy a slimmer face, then you will want to drop the kilos first.


Staying hydrated

drink water before meals to help reduce calorie intake

You may be having chubby cheeks because your body is retaining too much fluid. There are many possible reasons for water retention, and dehydration is one of them. Your body will store excess water when it feels that you are not drinking enough. The extra fluid can go to several body parts, including the face. Aim to drink at least two liters of water a day to keep yourself well-hydrated.


Doing jaw release exercises

You can get attractive cheekbones with this exercise. It helps stretch the muscles around the cheeks, jaws, and lips. Perform the exercise by standing or sitting straight and moving your jaw like you are chewing something. Make sure to keep your lips closed as you try to chew, and breathe in and out deeply as you hum. Next, open your mouth wide with the tongue pressed on your bottom teeth, and hold it for five seconds before breathing in and out again. The whole movement makes one repetition.


Try the blowing air exercise

This exercise helps solve your chubby cheeks issue by working nearly every neck and facial muscles. It is, in fact, one of the best facial exercises to reduce the chubby cheeks and double chin.  Simply grab a chair and sit with your back straight, and then tilt your head back so that you are facing the ceiling. The next step is to pull in your lips and attempt to blow out air. Do this for several seconds, and then relax.


Exercise and eat healthy

Eat slowly when trying to lose weight

The only way to lose cheek fat is to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Your face will become slimmer as you lose weight. Many people already see results after losing a few pounds. If you commit to a healthy and active lifestyle, those chubby cheeks will eventually become a thing from the past.


Stretch those facial muscles

Use your hands to stretch your facial muscles. You can do it by lowering your chin until it goes near your chest, and then pulling the skin away from the face. Try to say “ah” as soon as you have stretched your face, and keep the static position for a while before repeating the process. It is recommended that you do the stretching a few times per day, even whilst sitting at the traffic lights or during downtime in the day.


Reduce your salt and sugar intake

Eating foods rich in sodium and sugar will cause water retention. When your body retains excess water, parts of you will become bloated – including your cheeks. You only need a small amount of sodium and sugar a day, so try cutting salty and sugary foods from your diet.


Smile more

Smiling gives you the chance to exercise those facial muscles and trim down the cheek fat. It is the best workout that you can do for your cheeks. You are also brightening up your and everyone’s day.


As we pointed out early in the article, the real secret to losing weight on any given area of the body is losing weight in general. Think back to someone that you know who has lost a lot of weight… where’s one of the places you notice it most?…. The face!

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