Guide To Building Lean Muscle Mass On A Vegan Diet

It will come as no surprise to now there are a number of facets that go into building muscle. Firstly, there’s the exercise and resistance training aspect. But perhaps more importantly, is what you put into your body. Your diet. On a ‘standard diet’ it can already be difficult for some individuals to put on… Read more

Supplements That Actually Make a BIG Difference

Although there are times in the supplements and nutrition industry where promoted supplements are legitimate and backed up by modern science, there is so much “noise” in the industry, that it’s often hard to know which supplements are the best to take, especially when you’re on a fitness program. Below is a short snapshot of… Read more

What Type Of Exercise Should I Do?

We instinctively know that we all different and so are our particular circumstances. You buy clothing to match your shape and appearance, shoes to match the size of your feet but for some reason we believe that when it comes to fitness, there is some magical best program that would be perfect for all of… Read more

Top Reasons to Breathe Though Your Nose

Reasons to Breathe Though Your Nose

Should I breathe through my nose? We have all heard that mouth breathing is a bad thing, but seldom do people stop to think about the reasons as to why breathing through your nose is a good thing. If you have ever wondered if you should be breathing through your nose or your month, then… Read more

Pros & Cons of Pre-Workout Drinks & Snacks Explained

Is a Pre-Workout Drink or Snack Really Beneficial? Supplement companies are having a field day with all the health and fitness products that are becoming quite popular in the modern market. One of those products are pre-workout powders and energy bars. If you have ever wondered if this is just a new fad or something… Read more

Is Stretching Good For You?

Should you stretch and is stretching good for you? Stretching used to be a common ritual among gym goers and sportsmen due to the proclaimed benefits of preventing injury and loosening tight joints. Benefits Of Stretching Stretching offers numerous benefits that contribute to overall physical well-being and improved performance in daily activities and sports. Some… Read more

How To Tone Your Legs: 5 Tips for Success

Whether you are a man or a woman, many people see their legs as crucial for their overall appearance. Some people might fear looking proportionate if they have a well defined upper body and a small lower leg muscle definition (can hear the “never skip leg day” taunts as we type!). Others are looking to… Read more

How to Tone Arms: 5 Tips for Success

Last Updated 8 March 2023 Losing flab on our arms can be one of the most difficult things to do. For many, the arms is one of the places we lose fat the slowest. However, with the tips below can help you with your arm toning goals! How To Tone Arms 1. Eat In a… Read more

How To Lose Weight Around Your Face

The face is definitely one of the areas that can benefit most drastically in terms of appearance when it comes to losing weight. However, when your prioritizes losing face fat is largely determined by genetics. That being said, there are a few things that could skew the odds in your favour… How To Lose Weight… Read more

The Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain (Updated 2023 Guide)

Last updated January 13 2023 Back pain is one of the most uncomfortable and exhausting health conditions that doesn’t merely hinder your daily activities, but also affects your peace of mind. It usually occurs due to injuries, repetitive activities or some underlying medical condition. While it can affect any individual regardless of their age, our… Read more