EFM Gift Membership

Great timing! EFM Clubs across Australia are offering Gift Memberships in the leadup to Christmas. Gift the Gift of Health this Festive Season – to yourself or someone else!


  • A personalised trainer at every workout – without the exorbitant personal training fees.
  • Month-by-Month memberships (no lock-ins) beyond the initial gift period!
  • Programs for any age, any shape, size or fitness level. Let an EFM personalised trainer guide your gift recipient to their goals.
  • Unlimited access to all fitness sessions (no bookings required).
  • Buy a gift membership for yourself, or someone else!
  • Gift memberships can be started anytime within 3 months after purchase.


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Personalised Training

You receive brand new program every day and your Personalised Trainer will tailor your program to your requirements every session, so that you’re always doing something very specific to your goals. Your Personalised Trainer will also help set up your exercise machines and give you specific exercises for your goals. It’s like having your own personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost.

Programs That Help You Stick At it

Ever joined a gym and lasted a month, two months, four months and then stopped? In over 30 years of training clients, we’ve developed an industry-renowned member program that has resulted in hundreds of 5 year, 10 year, 20 year and even 30 year members (YES, 30 YEARS straight, just like EFM Unley’s original members pictured here: Ross Wilson, Bobby Ebbs, Jo Richardson, Viv Hood and Brenton Keen).

Huge Range of Fitness Programs

Your EFM membership includes a huge variety of personal fitness programs and classes. We specialise in Personalised Training Programs and are the only studios offering this service and we’re proud to be helping new members achieve great results through this revolutionary training system. But beyond Personalised Training, we offer a range of other programs to help you achieve more.

Flexible Memberships

At EFM, you get Personalised Training inclusive in your membership. We have a range of membership options available, all month-by-month and you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive our membership is. The great news is, we have a fantastic new member Gift Membership offer on right now!

We are the kind of club you belong in.
Gyms are facilities.
Clubs are about people.

We’d love to help

Hundreds of members every month experience the benefits of an EFM membership. Even if you’ve been out of fitness for a while, there’s a place for you at EFM. Just like there was for EFM member Nigel Holmes:

During the recent EFM triathlon while thinking about my progress it occurred to me that if I had been unhappy with EFM I would have written and made a complaint. It never occurred to me to write and congratulate you on what has been nothing short of a remarkable transformation made possible by EFM North Terrace SAHMRI.

I’m not a guy who would normally go to a gym. I was the one avoiding Phys Ed all through school.

As I approached middle age getting older and more overweight year on year. At 50 I was 96kg and only getting bigger. I had no intention of ever going to a gym. How could I? A guy like me.

I was convinced to have a one-on-one session with Simon from EFM North Terrace SAHMRI…

I went along knowing it would be terrible, embarrassing, but it really wasn’t. Simon never made me feel anything less than positive. We agreed to more sessions. I started running. In honesty running is probably a very flattering word for what I was doing. Simon was always encouraging…

I started to lose weight and Simon kept pushing. Challenging me to do more. He believed I could do more even when I didn’t and we set a goal, the City Bay.

We kept training Simon pushing me, raising the bar. Simon and I did run the City Bay. My time was 56:47. Quite remarkable progress. I am a fitter, healthier, happier person. I’m planning to run a half marathon in 2017 as my next goal. I’m 28kg lighter, infinity fitter none of which would have been possible without Simon and EFM.


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EFM Gift Membership Terms & Conditions

Gift Membership voucher are valid for 3 months after purchase, and can be redeemed at any time during that period. You have the option of buying a one month membership for $150 or a two month membership for $250. Beyond the Gift period, Members can join via direct debit, credit card deduction or payroll deduction (if you are subsidised by your employer). Minimum membership term is one month of paid membership and normal membership conditions apply thereafter. New members only. Not valid with any other third party offer. Participating clubs only. Gift Membership can only be redeemed at one club. Please see general terms and conditions for full membership details.