Kirri Clark

Kirri has had over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and commenced working with EFM after graduating with a Sport Science Degree from the University of South Australia in 1997.  Having owned EFM Unley since 2001, Kirri has remained motivated and driven by her desire to:

‘Improve the lives of everyone I work with by creating a comfortable, supportive environment in which to train and learn.’

Kirri is passionate, with a capital ‘P’ with a mantra ‘To get the most out of life!’  She hopes that by visiting EFM Unley, you too will be inspired to improve your fitness and general wellbeing, so you can take everything that life has to offer and run with it.

Kirri practices what she preaches and sets high personal fitness standards.  She has competed in numerous events around the world, trekked and paddled in many countries and understands how empowering the journey is to be achieving a lifelong goal.  It is a combination of her appreciation for the journey, her Sport Science education and years of working with members of the public, that give her the capabilities essential for getting you to your fitness destination.

Here are some of Kirri’s achievements. She looks forward to meeting you soon at EFM Unley






Brighton Jetty Classic AUST.

.There is no doubt that you return from these experiences a better person on so many levels.  Life is truly an amazing opportunity and I count myself lucky every day for being able to experience it.’  

Kirri Clark