Shaun Pearce & Ashlea Higham

Shaun was involved in high level sports, for over 20 years. After overcoming a serious back injury and a body transformation, then he successfully returned to competitive sport. All of which helped him to develop a never give up attitude in any situation. With over 5 years of experience in the fitness industry, he has helped hundreds of people transform their lives and achieve their desired results. Shaun is continually trying to improve his knowledge, but most importantly he has the passion to help you to achieve your goals. Believing that your attitude is a massive part of how you approach anything in life.

Ash is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced and a highly motivated Fitness Professional. With a background as a dancer before becoming a dance teacher, Remedial massage therapist and now an exceptional Personal Trainer, Ash has spent years studying how the human body works and knows what it takes to get into elite physical condition. Continuing to learn at the highest level, currently studying a double university degree specialising in Osteopathy. We are extremely lucky to have someone as knowledgeable and caring as Ash, being part of our club.