Weight Loss Vs. Fat Loss… Why Your Scales Are Not The Best Indicator of Success


How many times have you heard someone, perhaps yourself, say I need to lose weight. That particular line is ridiculously common when you actually think about it.

We’ve become conditioned to think about weight loss success as being directly tied to the number on the bathroom scales but that number on the scales is misleading.

Humans can carry upwards of 2.5 kilograms of content in the digestive system. So when you do a detox or cleanse diet and spend a couple days frequenting the toilet, the bathroom scales may decrease, but the amount of body fat remains almost the same.

Sure, you lost weight, but when most people seek to lose weight what they’re usually attempting to do is lose visible excess fat. So what we need to be focussing on is fat loss, not purely weight loss.

With that in mind, below is a super-helpful infographic that explains the differences between weight loss and fat loss. Take a look.