EFM Health Clubs – COVID-19 Safe Plan / Covid Updates

Covid-19 Safe Plan


Following on from the announcement by the Federal Government on Friday, May 8th regarding the easing of restrictions related to controlling the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have developed a COVID-19 Safe Plan which we believe continues to put the health of our members at the forefront of everything we do. This document will be reviewed & updated regularly in accordance with public health and government legislation which takes precedence. Should there be anything outlined below that is not inline with individual State Government guidelines where an individual EFM is located then those State Government guidelines will prevail.

General Operations:

1. All clubs will be operating under a maximum attendance of 20 people at any one time. Members will be asked to book into a session to ensure that social distancing requirements are met. If members do not book in there is a chance they could be turned away at the door.

2. All members will be advised to stay home and see their local GP if they are feeling unwell

3. If any member is a high-risk individual, as defined by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, they should discuss with their doctor their capacity to safely resume fitness activities

4. Anyone who is in the club and either displaying cold and flu symptoms, is a high-risk individual or they should be in quarantine will be asked to leave the club immediately and the local health authority notified where appropriate

5. A maximum time limit of 60 minutes per visit (including cool down) will be placed on all members

6. All members will be requested to bring their own water bottle and a full-length towel to each workout

7. There will be no physical contact between members and staff with the banning of handshakes and high fives

8. Members will still have the option of participating in workouts at home using our online capabilities

9. We will use social media, email, SMS, and internal signage to communicate this COVID-19 Safe Plan with our members

Social Distancing

10. All clubs will ensure that member density does not exceed the lesser of 20 people or one person per 4 square metres at any time

11. Where possible we will establish separate entry and exit points within our clubs and install sanitising stations at entry for the use of members and staff

12. Showers and change rooms that are shared with other users (such as those at our school-based clubs) may be out of bounds and unable to be used by EFM members (for the duration of Stage 2 of the easing of COVID-19 restrictions), members will however have access to toilet facilities.

13. All sessions will run for a maximum of 45 minutes

14. Cardio equipment will be relocated where required to ensure appropriate distance is maintained between machines


15. All staff are to be suitably trained in effective cleaning practices

16. All members will be required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before and after their workout or at the very least use the hand sanitiser at the entrance to the club

17. All members will be requested to wipe down cardio and weight machines after use by using either available disinfectant wipes or EFM Workout Sanitiser Spray

18. Staff will clean and/or disinfect machines before, during and after each session

19. Members will be required to use a full-length towel to cover their workout mat and if possible use the same mat for the whole session and ensure that it is thoroughly sanitised after use.

20. Time will be allocated between sessions for the purposes of cleaning equipment and all high traffic surfaces

Contact Tracing

21. Only EFM members will be allowed to exercise in the club to help enable contact tracing using the information stored within our member records system

22. We will have internal signage recommending members download the COVIDSafe app

23. All members will have their visit recorded by the franchisee using our real time attendance system which tracks the entry time for every member attending the club. Franchisees will normally sign the members in to avoid contact with the club tablet or laptop but if this does not occur then regular cleaning and disinfecting of the device will occur throughout the day.