Who we are

EFM Health and Fitness Club Gyms

We are a fitness franchise that commenced in 1991, and have over 30 clubs across five states in Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania & Victoria).

What we do for members, in a nutshell, is combine the affordability of a typical gym membership with the highly tailored and personalised nature of a personal training program. We’ve rolled it up into our unique EFM Personalised Training memberships and programs.

EFM members receive the ongoing coaching and support experienced in a personal training program, but in an incredibly affordable membership price.

It’s this unique offering to members that has seen us sweep across Australia and we’re proud to fill the need for affordable, but highly personalised, fitness programs.

So what does EFM Stand for?

EFM Health Clubs initially operated under the name Executive Fitness Management (EFM). The reason we changed to “EFM Health Clubs” name is simple – people didn’t understand what we did :-). Did we only offer memberships to CEOs and Executives? Were we a gym? Did we offer memberships to all people? In adopting EFM Health Clubs as our name, we are now more identifiable as a gym or health club for all fitness levels.

You may have seen our clubs at the local school or hospital…

We’re a bit unique in what we do… We actually specialise in running Health Clubs from within Hospitals and Schools.

We operate over 15 clubs from within hospitals throughout Australia. We provide a staff health and fitness program for the hospital staff, and in many instances, are also open for the general public to access our Personalised Training Programs as well.

Furthermore, we have over 15 clubs located onsite at schools. Within these clubs, we run fitness programs for the school community and are proud to be playing a role in keeping staff fit and healthy, but also in fighting childhood obesity through our student “Fit 2 Play” sessions. The majority of our clubs located onsite at schools are also open for the local community to attend.

So don’t be surprised if you see the odd nurse or teacher with a little extra spring in their step!

We’re excited to be meeting you soon…

Above all else, each of our Personalised Trainers have a genuine interest in helping you as an individual. Our philosophy is that there needs to be an alternative to “the big gyms”. So, if you’re one of the many people who have joined a typical gym, but it didn’t quite seem to suit your needs, then contact your local EFM and speak to one of our Trainers.

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