Programs & Services

We offer a huge variety of personalised training programs and classes from within our Studios.

EFM Health Clubs Facilities, Classes & Programs

We offer a huge variety of personal fitness programs and classes from within our Studios.
We specialise in Personalised Training Programs. We are the only fitness provider offering this service and we’re proud to be helping new members achieve great results through this revolutionary training system. Read more about our Personalised Training Programs

Aside from our Personalised Training Programs, we also offer the following services at many of our clubs:

EFM Health Clubs Facilities & Equipment

Our clubs all use premium Life Fitness resistance training and cardiovascular equipment and we choose the Life Fitness brand because it is top of the range, highly durable (so you’ll never see “out of order” signs on our equipment), low impact and easy to use equipment – It’s the best fit for our members who enjoy quality.

We have all the same equipment as your typical big commercial gyms;

If you’re new to fitness and that doesn’t make much sense to you, that is completely normal, and remember that you’ll always have a Personalised Trainer by your side each session to help you through your program.