Gyms at schools


  • EFM Health Clubs commenced operation in 1991 and specialises in running on-site fitness programs and health clubs for schools, with 7 school programs running around Australia.
  • EFM will provide free commercial grade equipment (approximately $100,000 worth of equipment) for each school, which the school can utilise for their students during school hours as well as for before/after school sport.
  • Outside of school use, EFM operate a professionally run on-site college health club for students, staff, past students, parents and the local school community at no cost the school.
  • This free program for schools provides a unique point of difference for your school and enhances the facility and curriculum offerings.

School Client List:


  • McClelland College
  • St Josephs College


  • Good Shepherd Lutheran College
  • St Mary’s Catholic College

South Australia

  • Cabra Dominican College
  • St Johns Grammar
  • Underdale High

On-site College Health Club Overview – Program Outcomes:

  • Provide a unique point of difference for your college
  • Fitness specific and fun programs for students, including lunchtime classes
  • Decrease number of sedentary students
  • Increase level of services offered in PE curriculum
  • Assist with presentation of onsite fitness facilities and services during school tours & open days
  • Increase the local awareness of your school through the local community
  • Provide non-intimidating health and fitness programs for students, staff and parents
  • Students and staff are offered an exclusive half price EFM membership discount
  • Staff – employer of choice, increase employee retention and increase workplace morale
  • Parents and past students are offered an exclusive EFM membership discount
  • Enhance the relationship between your school and parents
  • Increase in the link between sister/feeder schools with exclusive fitness offers to these parties
  • Health & fitness newsletter articles are provided for your school
  • EFM membership prizes donated to your school for fundraising activities/student achievements