Month By Month Memberships

Many of our members that have been to the big commercial gyms before have told us of how restrictive their past gym memberships have been. Long-term contracts to join, coupled with restrictive workout routines and class times. We’ve taken this all on board and come up with a “member-friendly” membership structure.

Month-by-month memberships:

Ever paid for a gym membership that you didn’t use? 12 month contracts are restrictive and costly if your situation ever changes and that’s why you’re going to love our month by month memberships! If you ever decide to leave EFM, you can do so with as little as 14 days notice.

No bookings required:

Our month by month memberships for our Personalised Training Programs allow you unlimited access with no ongoing bookings required. This flexibility means you can plan your exercise on a day to day basis without the hassle of having to meet set timelines.

Workouts are tailored & flexible:

Restrictive circuits inhibit results for two reasons. At EFM you can train when you like, for as long as you like, and your Personalised Trainer will tailor your program to your requirements every session to maximise results. EFM is effective and it suits your schedule.

Never rush for your favourite class start time again:

You’re hurrying out of the office, you look at your watch and it’s 5.15pm. Your favourite class that starts at 5.30pm and it’s a 20 minute drive away at best! ARRRGH! All of a sudden your excitement about participating in your favourite class soon morphs into frustration at missing it.

RELAX! You don’t need to book times at EFM. When you arrive, your Personalised Trainer will join you into the daily fitness class and you’ll not miss a thing. 5.15pm, 5.23pm, 5.37pm. Doesn’t matter. You train when it suits you on any given day. NICE!


At EFM, you get Personalised Training inclusive in your membership. We have a range of membership options available and you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive our membership is. Take a look at our general membership options page or find your local club to see what great specials they have on this month!