EFM Gyms in Adelaide CBD

Gyms in Adelaide City and CBD

Adelaide CBD workers and Adelaide residents have exceptional access to EFM Health Club studios, as we have 5 EFM Adelaide CBD gyms and over 30 other Clubs across Adelaide to choose from!

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If you spend some of your time living or working in the Adelaide suburbs, and require access to gyms that are not in the heart of the city, the great news is that you can utilize your membership at any of our 36 EFM Health Club locations in South Australia and over 60 clubs across Australia!

EFM Gyms are the best gyms in the Adelaide CBD and City to maintain consistency and for results given the number of gyms to choose from!

If you would like to register for this month’s gym membership special at any of our City-based gyms, visit our special offers page!

Our Adelaide CBD Gym locations are: