EFM Reviews

“Great friendly atmosphere. The trainers really make you feel welcome and I have really seen a difference in my overall health and fitness in my 3.5 years here.” – ProductReview.com.au User


“I’ve been going to EFM for about 3 yrs now and would find it hard to go back to a regular gym. The best part for me is the relaxed, friendly feel of the place and the helpful staff who know me well and what I need to work on.

I hadn’t really been comfortable in gyms before the EFM gym but attended reluctantly due to health issues.” – Verfied ProductReview.com.au User.


“Have trained in many of the bigger gyms where you are only a number. The personal trainers at EFM provide ongoing support in a small & friendly environment. There are no lock in contracts & nothing is too much trouble for these energetic positive young trainers. I wouldn’t be comfortable at any other gym.” – ProductReview.com.au User


“EFM Health Club sets itself apart from other gyms for several reasons; mainly, in that they provide customized training programs for each member conducted by a fitness coach, all at a price similar to a typical gym membership. A fitness program from an expert such as a personal trainer can be too costly for most people but EFM Health Club has found a way to make fitness more affordable for everyone.” – FitTheory.com.au


“What makes EFM standout from other gyms: (it’s a long list!) there is always a trainer at your side guiding you every step of the way, no mirrors, get rewards for clocking up your visits, give the monthly challenge a go, no set times/class schedules, come into the club whenever you have the time, follow your own personalised program, or join in with the other members and follow ‘the board’ program. The best bit- it’s like a real club, everyone knows your name and the trainers get to know how you tick! There is social stuff too, Saturday morning group work-outs and beach boot-camps, Dragon boat racing, and the annual Duathlon/Triathlon.

I used to hate the thought of working up a sweat- now I’m addicted to my gym (Michael Hoffman and The MOB- EFM Bedford Park, Adelaide). Just like many people I had some very good excuses, the best being an L3/4 spinal fusion. My EFM trainers saved me, taught me what I could do, and how to do it right. Now at 55+ I’m fitter and stronger than I ever was in my youth- middle age is looking pretty good: – https://au.trustpilot.com/review/efm.net.au


EFM Health Clubs have earned an excellent reputation for friendly trainers, state of the art equipment and personable customer service. EFM facilities are a place where you can get great fitness services at a low budget.” – MelbourneGymGuide.com.au