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Why Choose a Glenelg Personal Trainer?

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer

The Overlooked Benefit of Hiring a Personal Trainer

There is a common misconception that personal trainers are mostly used by those who are drastically overweight and by those who have some professional reason to stay in the very best shape. The truth, however, is that anyone can benefit from hiring a personal trainer!

Furthermore, while the benefits people most often enjoy are weight loss and increased fitness, there is one very important benefit that is often overlooked…

Hiring a Personal Trainer Reduces Risk of Injury

It’s certainly true that a personal trainer can create you a truly personalised exercise plan, which will enable you to increase your performance and drop weight if that is a goal, but their ability to push you to your limits safely is an often-overlooked benefit.

Form Correction

When trying new exercises, we’re apt to get them wrong more often than we get them right. That’s normal for beginners at anything! This may not seem like too much of a problem (after all, you can learn as you go), but it’s best to be safe.

Exercises like squats, for example, can cause short-term back and leg pain when done incorrectly, but if your form is consistently off you could cause yourself a longer-term injury too! Plus, if you’re not doing an exercise correctly you won’t get it’s full benefit either. A Glenelg personal trainer can correct your form before you even begin thereby minimising your risk of injury, and increasing the effectiveness of your workout.

Weight Management

We don’t mean your weight, of course, but the weights you use to tone your muscles and build strength. One of the most common ways in which people injure themselves at the gym (assuming their form is good) is by lifting too heavy. By hiring a personal trainer you can get a unique and effective training plan that lets you increase the weights you lift gradually and safely.

Of course, you can learn to exercise safely yourself. However, it is far more effective to enlist the help of a true professional who can not only keep you safe but will support and motivate you at the same time!

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