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Personal Training Adelaide

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Adelaide?

We have 30+ personal training studios across Adelaide so you have found exactly what you are looking for.

At EFM Health Clubs, we offer a combination of individual Personal Training sessions along with group personal training. You can be certain that you will be guided by one of the leading fitness trainers in Adelaide, as EFM Health Clubs are the largest group of fitness studio franchises in Australia with a reputation for client-focused health and fitness programs that work.

When you become and EFM Health Clubs member, you have the option to either participate in 1-1 Adelaide Personal Training or joining in with our Personalised Training sessions.

EFM Personalised Training Explained

In short, EFM Personalised Training Programs allow you to exercise with all the help and guidance you need, but at a fraction of the cost of a normal 1-on-1 training session. Our members love the convenience, results and affordability! Whenever you come into your studio of choice for a workout, you have an EFM Personalised Trainer that will guide you through your workout for the day.

Your fitness program for the day will always be tailored to the results that you want and your trainer will act just as a Personal Trainer would, though he or she simply shares time between helping you with your exercises and helping around 2-12 other people in the studio through their fitness program.

With our Personalised Training Programs you still have your trainer there to setup your machines, to give you exercises to do, to help you with your technique and give you a little push if you need, but rather than you paying for a 1-1 session, you’re paying just a fraction of the normal price to share your trainers time with other clients in the studio. It’s the best way to get a personalised workout at a very affordable price.

The majority of our clients do anywhere from one to three 1-1 sessions per week and then participate in our Personalised Training sessions for the rest of their workouts. This keeps cost down whilst maximising the results that you will get as you always have an EFM Personalised Trainer tailoring your program for you. It’s the smartest way to exercise in Adelaide!

Personal Trainers Adelaide CBD

Looking for a city-based personal trainer? Try one of 7 Adelaide CBD studios!

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Many of our Personal Training clients choose to do anywhere from one to three personal sessions per week and then participate in the group Personalised Training sessions as well. When you do this, you get all the same health and fitness benefits, but you save money through not having to pay full personal trainer rates each workout.

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