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Personal Training and Group Personal Training In Sydney

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Sydney?

You have certainly found the right place because EFM Health Clubs has 3 personal training studios in Sydney to choose from. We specialise in group personal training and tailored personal training programs and as one of the largest fitness studio franchises in Australia, you’re guaranteed to be working with a highly-trained fitness professional who can help you get the results you want.

One of the fantastic things about becoming an EFM Health Clubs member is that you get the choice of doing personal training with us, or participating in our group training programs. We call these “Personalised Training” sessions.

What is EFM Personalised Training?

Our Personalised Training Programs allow you to get a personalised work-out every single training session, without the expense of a 1-1 session. How it works is that each time you come in for a workout, you’ll usually be exercising with 2-10 other people in the studio at the same time, under the guidance of your EFM Personalised Trainer.

Your Personalised Trainer will help set your machines up, give you exercises to complete and set goals for you, but they’ll split their time between you and the other people exercising at the same time. This means that you can get the same personal and tailored exercise program for a fraction of the price of a normal PT session.

Many of our PT clients choose to do anywhere from one to three personal sessions per week and then participate in the Personalised Training sessions as well. When you do this, you get all the same health and fitness benefits, but you save money through not having to pay full personal trainer rates each workout. It’s just a smart way to exercise!

Current Melbourne Studio Locations:

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Motivation and accountability

The trainers are there because they are experts in terms of being responsible for you in the gym for your set and paid appointment. They assist you in creating your own personalized goals, as well as to design a realistic and attainable workout plan to achieve these goals.

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New perspectives on fitness, nutrition, health and wellness

It is the trainer’s job to stay updated in terms of health and wellness trends so that to relay to their clients nothing but the safest and most effective health and fitness training because it is their expertise to do so. You get the benefit of that trainer knowledge in the form of the most up-to-date and cutting edge training systems.

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Solid and consistent support

Your trainer cares about you and your fitness success that’s why they support your goals. He pr she will be there—every hour you spend with him is an hour focusing only on you. They offer honest and steady feedback to help you motivate yourself to train and in the process, achieve a healthier body and mind.

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Injury rehab or injury prevention

EFM Personal Trainers can instruct you how to use equipment correctly so to avoid injury. They are also there to help you enhance balance, core strength, as well as your posture and flexibility so that you get more out of life. They are able to concentrate on those specific exercises you can make the most of based on your lifestyle and daily activities.

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You enjoy a program personalized only for you

Yes, because when we talk about personal training, that’s what we mean—literally, it is personal. Customized. Tailor made. The program is specific to you and only you—and not to anyone else. And you know as a client that the trainers will be accountable for your safety and most of all, to your fitness goals and success. It’s as if your success is also their success.

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