Rent Free Studios

Just imagine running your own fitness studio without the burden of ongoing rent!

Your Competitive Advantage:

Here’s an EFM Franchisee’s advantage over every other gym and fitness Franchise:

Low Cost or Rent Free Fitness Business Facility: The majority of our Franchisees pay no rent at their studios. Find another PT or Gym Franchise that can offer you such a dramatic expenditure saving and we’ll eat our sweat towel!

Unique hospital, school and corporate captive audience: We position your franchise onsite at organisations where there is an existing captive market.

Convenience being a requirement for people today, you’ll struggle to find a competitor that can compete with you for convenience. In many cases, our clubs are just down the hallway for the nursing staff at a hospital, the office worker in a corporate organisation or the school community at our school-based clubs.

Our service offering to members: We offer members the affordability of a membership priced comparatively to a commercial gym, the personalised programming of a Personal Trainer and the convenience of a gym which in many cases is onsite at the member’s workplace. We call it Personalised Training; the fitness training system that is unrivalled in Australia.

Of course, there’s much more to what we offer, but that’s the crux of it. And it works.

Please note, not all of our franchise locations operate within a rent-free studio. We will, of course, provide you all the information about expected ongoing costs during the franchise selection process for your individual location.