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Health Benefits of Spin Cycling: 6 Reasons To Spin!
Sunday, 07 January 2018

  Spin cycling classes are incredibly fun and you'll notice that many EFM workouts incorporate riding the spin bikes. "Spinning" became a hit because of the increasing interest in health and fitness across the globe. You may think that exercising on a stationary bike will bore you, but you will be surprised with how much it can

How To Get Rid Of Shin Splints
Friday, 27 October 2017

  Shin splint is the common way to describe medial tibial stress syndrome or MTSS. This is commonly caused by excessive pressure on the lower leg tissues and bone or can be caused by impact on the same parts. There are two kinds of shin splints, posterior and anterior. Basically, front and back. Most times,

6 Steps To Amazing, Toned Arms
Wednesday, 25 October 2017

best ways to tone arms

  Flabby arms are a common problem area, especially among women who may have a tendency to store more fat here. A balanced diet and regular exercise can help reduce your overall body fat, including those “tuck shop lady” arms. As you lose the excess fat, incorporating toning exercises in your routine can make a

How To Get Rid Of A Stitch When Running
Friday, 20 October 2017

  You feel glad that you chose to exercise today and the cool breeze on your body as you forget about the stress and just focus on running. You’re just pounding away one foot at a time when it hits you, a sharp pain in your abdomen that doesn’t go away.... Side stitch looks like

How To Lose 2 Kilograms Per Week
Thursday, 12 October 2017

  Losing 2 kgs per week is hard but doable for many people. You just have to know the formula and know how to count calories. Caloric deficit is what you need to decrease your weight up to 2kgs a week. You should burn more calories than what is consumed on a specific day. Here

6 Bedtime Rituals For Weight Loss
Thursday, 05 October 2017

  The night time is great for dates, watching movies, doing work, and Internet surfing. This is also a perfect time for weight loss. How? Check out these six bedtime rituals that can help you drop the unwanted pounds without exerting so much effort: Drink lots of water Water helps flush out your system to

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