Box Hill South (Kingswood College)

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EFM Health Club gym in Box Hill South bridges the gap between a conventional gym (Where you typically get access to the gym with minimal help & support) and a Personal Trainer which for most people is simply not an affordable long term option to stay motivated with your exercise regime.

Everytime you come in for a workout you have your very own Personal Fitness Coach who each and every session you attend coaches you through your session, sets your weights & machines, motivates you and keeps you accountable to reaching your goals.

Contact Person:  Janel Ramadan
Fitness coach
Janel Ramadan
Janel Ramadan - Fitness Coach & Franchisee 2008 - Fernwood Fitness- Spin/cycle instructor 2009 - Genesis Fitness - Spin/Cycle & Pilates instructor 2010 - EFM Cabrini - Spin/Pilates/Fitness coach 2011 - EFM Caulfied - Pilates/Fitness coach 2012 - EFM Frankston
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Box Hill South (Kingswood College)


Kingswood College, 355 Station Rd (enter via Piedmont St), Box Hill South, VIC, 3128


0419 545 960

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