8 Food And Nutrition Myths Busted


The rise of the Internet has also supported the increasing interest of many in nutrition and fitness. Much information is easily available online. However, we need to be careful because not all viral information on the Internet is necessarily true.

Here are some of the popular myths to watch out for:

1. Consuming calories in the evening has worse effect than during daytime

Whether you have more calories in the evening or in the morning and afternoon doesn’t really have an impact. What ultimately has an effect is the total amount of calories you regularly consume everyday.

2. Carbohydrates are what make you overweight

There are two types of carbs, refined and complex. Eating too much refined carbs can lead to conditions like obesity and diabetes but complex carbohydrates such as whole grains provide us with fiber.

3. Cravings are caused by nutritional deficiencies

In most cases, cravings are caused by our emotions, not by a lack of nutrition. When we get bored with a constant diet that consists of similar food, we tend to crave other foods.

4. Going gluten-free is useful to everyone

The gluten-free diet was developed for people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease. When they start eating only food free of gluten, their digestion and health are improved. For people with regular digestion, however, going gluten-free doesn’t necessarily have an effect.

5. Eating eggs can negatively affect your cardiovascular health

Excess cholesterol in the body leads to heart problems. Because eggs are one source of cholesterol, they are sometimes blamed as contributing to high cholesterol levels. It’s more of trans fats from oils and fatty food, however, that cause cholesterol problems.

6. Eating small but frequent meals enhances your metabolism

While it’s true that eating smaller meals keeps our metabolism up and burns a little more calories, the difference cannot be considered significant. Having small meals can help us avoid getting too hungry, though and prevents overeating.

7. It’s crucial to detoxify the body by fasting from time to time

According to researchers, our body is already equipped with organs, like the kidneys and liver, which have cleansing and toxin-eliminating functions. Fasting or eating only one type of food does not enhance this detoxifying process.

8. High fructose corn syrup is more harmful than table sugar

In comparing high fructose corn syrup and table sugar, they are revealed to have the same makeup and amount of calories. This means they both have the same effect on the body.