how to lose 30 kg

8 Tips To Lose 30 Kilograms Sensibly

Many Australians are looking for simple ways to cut down their weight so that they can lead more productive lifestyle, feel better within themselves and ultimately, healthier.

Being overweight is not only dangerous to your health, but can also make you less productive at work and lead to high medical costs caused by the condition. Below are some sensible weight loss tips.

8 Tips To Lose 30 Kilograms Quickly

Lifestyle tips

1. Identify your binge eating triggers (and stop them)

There are certain activities that people do on a daily basis which can make them more susceptible to random eating. For instance, whenever you feel bored, tired or sad, you may want to nibble on high-calorie snacks and this can cause uncontrolled weight gain. To prevent such a situation you can replace the snacks with healthier foods (nuts, seeds or fruit) and of course, avoid having unhealthy foods in the house.

2. Walk home from work instead of driving

If you live within walking distance to your place of work, you can burn a significant amount of calories per day by simply walking home in the evening instead of taking a car. Additionally, when going to your office in the morning try taking the stairs instead of using the lift. Little tricks like this really add up over time.

3. Avoid watching too much TV

The average person in Australia spends about 5 hrs per day watching TV, you can substitute some of this time by doing other productive activities like getting outdoors and exercising, even if it’s just a leisurely stroll.

Diet tips

4. Reduce your sugar and starch intake

By cutting back on carbs, you’ll be able to control your appetite better and end up eating fewer calories in the process. Likewise, your body will start feeding off its stored fat-content instead of directly burning carbs for energy, thus leading to significant weight loss.

5. Eat more vegetables and protein-rich foods

Your daily meals should include low-carb proteins and vegetables. Studies show that eating a high-protein breakfast can significantly reduce your cravings and calorie-intake for the rest of the day. Eating foods such as eggs, fish, pork or lamb can reduce your food cravings by up to 60 percent. Vegetables are also a good source of fibre that can lower your hunger levels.

6. Avoid sodas and artificial juices

Soft drinks and artificial juices are filled with lots of processed sugars that have no nutritional value and only add more carbs to your body. Sticking with water instead when you feel thirsty can also significantly reduce your caloric intake throughout the day, while still keeping your refreshed and hydrated.

Exercise tips

7. Use an exercise ball when sitting

This simple ball can help you burn plenty of calories per day, as you bob up and down, rolling around and balancing on the ball, you will burn a lot of fats in the process! Your legs, back and core will also get a great workout in the process as you continuously use them to maintain balance.

8. Try resistance training

You can either come up with your own custom weight-lifts at home, or visit your nearest gym for some lifting sessions. By lifting weights, you won’t just be able to burn lots of calories but also curb your metabolism from getting slower, which is a common bodily reaction of losing weight.