8 Tips For Super-Toned Thighs (Including Workouts)


Many women find it extremely difficult to tone their legs and the thigh region is a common area for cellulite, which can be quite a frustration!

Here are some top thigh-toning tips that you can follow:

How To Tone Your Thighs

Do strength training

A focus on strength and resistance training, including body weight exercise is an important step to achieving those sexy legs. Performing exercises like lunges and squats helps to use the large muscles of the upper legs and butt and these help to provide shape and tone.

Lunges, lunges, and more lunges

The lunge is one of the best thigh-toning exercises. The static lunge is certainly a great option (ask your EFM personalised trainer for help with this one).

Jump and hop more

Get off the ground and burn some fat. You can take your normal leg routine to the next level with power moves like single-leg lateral ski hops or squat jumps. Start the exercise by executing a nice squat, and progress to the plyometric version of any leg exercise.

Start with your weaker side

You should always work your weaker side first. For many people, this is the left side. You use better form when you are fresh, and tend to perform more repetitions. If you always work your weaker side last, such as with the lunges, you may be keeping your stronger side even stronger and not helping the weaker side. Remember that the weaker side needs that extra attention to promote balance.

Work your core

You probably have heard a lot about core training, and its importance to your health and fitness. Incorporating exercises to help train core muscles into your routine will strengthen your posture and bracing muscles for when you are training your other muscle groups – it’ll help you maintain proper form! legs. Training your core muscles will also protect your legs from injuries by providing support.

Do more cardio

Women often complain about the extra flab around the hips and legs and one of the big secrets to “spot reduction” or toning certain areas of the body, is to incorporate an overall weight loss and healthy eating plan to shed fat and reveal those toned muscles underneath! It is tempting to want to focus on leg toning exercises such as squats, but don’t forget to continue your cardio workouts too! As always, variety and balance is key!

Eat healthy

Even the toughest workout routine cannot make up for a bad diet. Eating healthy, and at the right amounts, will help you burn fat and be healthy at the same time. Make sure to supplement your efforts at the gym with a healthy and balanced meal with only enough calories to power – and not stuff – you up. Eat whole, natural foods and drink plenty of water to provide your body all the nutrients it needs to perform well every day.

Listen to your body

You will experience Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) once in awhile – this is that almost-crippling muscle pain that makes it hard to walk, hard to sit and just achy overall! If you do over-do it, talk to your EFM trainer about some low-intensity exercises to help ease the pain quicker – gentle exercise helps to get oxygen and nourishment to the muscles so is a great way to recover. But if you’ve been going hard at it, a rest day every once in a while is not going to be the end of the world!

Best Leg & Butt Toning Exercises

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