3 Keys to Weight loss and Fitness

To increase fitness, lose weight and quicken your metabolism, there are three simple guidelines you should aim to adhere with. You should aim to exercise at a minimum of:

75% true maximum heart rate, for
30 minutes,
3 times per week

Now, we understand that life gets busy, so here’s a little trick if you’re finding yourself short on time – You can still achieve fitness gains and weight loss if you overload on the duration of exercise whenever you’re unable to fit in three sessions in a given week. For example, exercising twice for 45 minutes duration at 75% of your true maximum heart rate.

So we have three critical factors for success and we’ve designed our Personal Fitness Coaching programs to give you the best chance for reaching your success.

To ensure that we’re working at the correct intensity during your sessions, your Fitness Coach will be setting your machines and giving you specific goals to work towards –  not because they enjoy members being in pain, it’s to ensure that you’re hitting that 75% intensity mark that we aim for.

To help you along to attendance of 2-3 sessions per week, your Fitness Coach will keep your daily programs fresh and exciting… No boring routines. And if you happen to have skipped a session by now you’d likely have received a friendly reminder call or SMS from your Fitness Coach too! And again, we don’t follow up for non-attendance just to be a pain – the sole intention is to assist you in sticking to a regular, sustainable exercise routine.

And as for the duration, most members tend to find 45 minutes to be quite achievable. Make sure that whenever you’re short on time, perhaps with only 30 minutes for the session, that you let your Fitness Coach know at the start of the session so that we can tailor your program accordingly.



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