“Cardio Mix Up”: EFM Health Clubs Home or Travel Workout


30 minutes of cardio to get your blood pumping! Simple session format for a fantastic express-workout.

1. Perform 30 minutes on machine of your choice (follow intensity levels below), or 2 x 15 minute machines and halve the time spent at the intensities outlined.

2. A good way to vary your intensity is to keep your speed consistent, but vary your levels.

3. It is best to select machines that you are familiar with, so that you can more quickly select appropriate levels.

4. After your warm-up, simply follow the prescribed order from top to bottom.

Workout Format

Warm-up: 5 minutes on any cardio machine, then;

2 mins at 75 percent max effort

4 mins at 80 percent

4 mins at 85 percent

2 mins at 90 percent

1 min at 100 percent

4 mins at 80 percent

3 mins at 85 percent

2 mins at 90 percent

1 min at 85 percent

1 min at 95 percent

1 min at 80 percent

2.5 mins at 85 percent

30sec at 100 percent

1 min at 75 percent

1 min at 85 percent

Cool down: 5-10 minutes low-intensity cardio and stretching and you’re done!


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