How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin


That additional fold of skin underneath your chin is what is known as a double chin and is often an indication of excess weight. There are several possible causes of a double chin aside from weight. It could also be due to age as the skin sags or it could even be linked to incorrect posture which affects the spine and neck.

Regardless of the cause, people often feel self-conscious about developing a double chin and fortunately, there are some ways to reduce this fatty layer.

1. Rub cocoa butter on your skin

A natural alternative for enhancing your skin’s texture and making it supple is cocoa butter. Gently heat a few scoops of cocoa butter to make it soft and then rub this on your problem area one to two times a day.

2. Smearing glycerin on your chin and neck

Another method for diminishing your double chin is by applying a mask of glycerin on your neck. Mix together a spoonful of glycerin, several drops of peppermint oil and half a spoon of Epsom salt then smear this on your neck and allow it to settle. After a few minutes, rinse with water to remove the paste.

3. Massage your face with milk

Over the years, milk has been used for beauty purposes as well as its health benefits. It’s well known for improving the softness and smoothness of the skin. To use milk for your double chin, dab some on your chin area and massage for a few minutes then wash it off afterwards.

4. Drink green tea to detox your body

In many cases, the double chin is an effect of obesity and extra fatty tissue. To get rid of this excess fat, you also need to adopt a more holistic approach to losing weight including switching to healthy beverages such as green tea. Drinking green tea helps the body cleanse itself of toxins.

5. Exercise your chin by tilting it

Other than diet, the most effective way to lose weight in any part of the body is through physical activity. One exercise you can try is by tilting your chin. With your back straight, gradually tilt your head backwards so that your face is in an upward position, then put your lips into a circle and keep it this way for several seconds. Repeat these steps at least five times every time you exercise.

6. Moving your neck clockwise and counter-clockwise

A great way to exercise your neck, shoulders and chin is by using clockwise and counter-clockwise movements. Start by slowly rotating your head in a clockwise motion while standing with your back straight. Then reverse direction and rotate counter-clockwise. Repeat the exercise several times and do this regularly at least every other day to achieve results.

7. Exercise by applying resistance to your jaw

Clench your hands into fists and position them under your chin and jaw area. Drop your jaw down slowly, pushing against your fists, and this movement will exercise your muscles. Once you’ve reached the limit of how far you can push, hold this position for a few seconds. Release and then do a few more repetitions of the exercise.

8. Exercise by stretching your facial muscles

With your mouth closed, grit your teeth and stretch your lips sideways as wide as you can go. Next, press your tongue to your upper palate, slowly pushing harder and harder. A slight strain should be felt in your chin by this time. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat the exercise several times.