8 Tips On How To Lose 40 Kilograms

Wanting to lose weight is something high on the list for many people in Australia. But, the question is whether there is really any authentic method for shedding weight. While simple dieting may not be effective for many of the folks out there, working out for hours on end might not be helpful either. So how do you know what to do? Let’s take a look!

In the following guide, we have provided the top eight weight loss tips that will help you to get rid of 40 kg as quickly as possible.

How To Lose 40 Kilograms

Diet and Food Tips

1. Eat smaller portions

One significant reason why we tend to break away from our regular diet is that we find it really hard to control our temptations. After sticking to healthy eating for several days, we find it extremely challenging to refrain from eating junk food or unhealthy treats.

Moreover, many of us lack the required willpower to maintain the stringent diet and avoid eating until we feel incredibly full at each meal. Wherever possible, aim to eat small portions. Even if it’s an unhealthy snack or treat, instead of eating our usual portion, tone it back so that you don’t blow your diet completely out of the water.

2. Prepare your own meals

We all tend to live a hectic lifestyle that does not allow us to devote much time for preparing our own meals. However, if you’d like to shed pounds quickly, cooking your own meals is an ideal solution as you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. This will also allow you to experiment and try out various low-calorie recipes as well.

3. Never give up

As mentioned earlier, we often find it very difficult to resist temptations. Moreover, when we attend a party or special event, we tend to eat excessive amounts of food or at the least, eat without consciously thinking about our intake. The reality is, there will be times where you make a mistake but what is important to know is that mistakes are OK. Never give up, instead, go on following your diet instead of throwing in the towel.

Workout Tips

4. Keep it short as well as sweaty

Quality is going to rule over quantity when it comes to workouts. If you’re short on time, keep your workouts short, explosive, as well as intense. This will allow us to get the best results within a short span of time due to maximal calorie burning in whatever time you have. So if you’re going to go for a walk, walk fast. If you’re going for a jog, find some hills. Anything you can do to add some extra intensity will be a great help.

5. Train with a buddy

Partner up with friends or relatives with similar fitness goals to yours. Also, you might like to try group personal training or group fitness – working out with like-minded individuals is fantastic for motivation!

Lifestyle Tips

6. Sleep properly

It is known to all of us that the human system produces growth hormones which help to enhance metabolism and also repair tissues. However, this activity is going to be hampered significantly by inadequate sleep, which will also make the body quite lethargic so that we won’t be able to focus on any sort of mental or physical activity at all. Consequently, we should always make it a point to sleep for 8 hours per night so as to increase metabolism and shed weight effectively.

8. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking

Smoking will interfere with the production of enzymes which, in turn, will hamper our digestive process to a great extent. Moreover, restricting the intake of alcohol can also make a huge difference when it comes to losing weight. You’d be surprised how many calories are in a typical drink.

Love a gin? There are 70 calories in a single shot of gin. Red wine lover? That’s 85 calories per glass. Beers have similar calorie totals so 4 or 5 drinks on a weekend can basically equal the same amount of calories in an extra meal!