6 Slimming Drinks That Help With Weight Loss


What you drink has a massive impact on whether or not you achieve your weight loss goals. Soft drink, alcohol and even store-bought juice can halt your weight loss in its tracks or prevent it from starting in the first place. Yet, there are many other drinks that can actually help you lose weight—several of which also happen to be delicious.

Start your weight loss journey on the right foot today with these delicious and slimming drinks:

  1. Green tea

Green tea is one of the most powerful health drinks you can enjoy. It cleans out toxins stuck in the body and is often heralded for it’s ability to help speed up the metabolism. Green tea can also improve blood flow, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. There are many green tea options available, so take a look around and find one that suits you. Then, drink up!

  1. Ice water

Many people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on protein powders and weight loss drinks without ever realizing that they already have constant free (or cheap) access to one of the most powerful weight loss drinks out there. Water fills up your stomach and helps you to become less likely to crave sugary foods or overeat. This is particularly true if you’re the type of person who snacks out of boredom.

  1. Apple and cinnamon water

Both apples and cinnamon have compounds which help your body digest and regulate sugar. The fibre in apples can also help your digestive system move smoothly. Apple cider vinegar lowers blood sugar levels and increases fullness. You should use one tablespoon of cinnamon, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one large apple (cut into slices) per two litres of water.

  1. Arabian tea

This ancient tea recipe combines the powers of ginger, green tea, cumin and mint to make a delicious drink that will speed up your metabolism, cleanse toxins out of your system and fill up your belly so you’re less likely to overeat.

  1. Spa drink

If you’ve ever been to a day spa you’ve seen this iconic health drink: cold, clear water with lemon, orange and cucumber slices floating in it. Most spas also add a couple mint leaves. Drink this instead of your regular water to get an extra boost of nutrients and antioxidants.

  1. Watermelon and lime water

This might sound like a strange combination but it is absolutely delicious, full of nutrients and extremely filling. Use one large wedge of watermelon (cut into cubes) and one lime per two litres of water.

Incorporating these delicious drinks into your diet can help you reach your weight loss goals—and you won’t even miss the sugary drinks you used to indulge in if you switch it up regularly.