7 Benefits of Varied Exercise: Why It’s The Best Way To Tone Up And Lose Weight


Regular exercise offers plenty of health benefits. Many people, however, perform the same kind of workout every time, and this can cause your body to stop progressing. Your mind and body constantly need to try out something different for new learning and continuous improvement. You can continue to run to stay fit, but you may want to consider incorporating other types of sports or workouts into your weekly routine.

7 Benefits Of Varied Exercise

Beats boredom

Doing the same kind of exercises every time can lead to boredom. If you find yourself dreading your next workout session, then it is time to switch up your exercise routine. Constantly search for new sports or workouts to try to keep you from feeling bored. If you love running, then you might want to consider doing some speed intervals or hill repeats on some days. Keep challenging your mind and body, so you are always feeling invigorated each time you complete a workout.

Builds more muscle tone

It is easy to identify a competitive swimmer with those broad shoulders and arms. Professional runners, meanwhile, have noticeably chiseled legs. These athletes have distinct physiques because they almost always focus on one sport, which builds specific muscles. For recreational athletes or fitness enthusiasts, however, the best approach would be to do a bit of everything to build endurance and muscle strength. This will prepare the body to take on various activities and sports.

Prevents injury

It is normal to feel discomfort when you exercise, but any unnecessary pain must be checked at once. A repetitive strain occurs when you hurt your body by doing the same movement over and over again. This type of injury happens when you do tons of repetitive motions, such as kicking, running, and swimming. Adding variety to your exercise routine will help you avoid having overused joints, muscles, and ligaments because you use different muscle groups each time.

Allows for more calorie burn

Doing the same activity every time will make your body become used to it. While being efficient is okay, the adaptation will eventually mean that you will burn fewer calories. It is important to constantly challenge your body, so it will work harder every time it experiences a new activity. This way, you will burn more calories whenever you workout and lose all the unnecessary weight and body fat.

Prevents overtraining

You have to give yourself enough time to rest and recover. The exercises that you do may put strain on your body when you fail to allot rest days. Doing the same intense exercise every day will prevent certain muscle groups from repairing, and this increases your risk of injury. Make sure to have low-intensity workouts in between the high-intensity ones to prevent overtraining.

Promotes brain training

It is true that exercising can help keep your brain sharp, but constantly learning new skills will further improve neurological function. Choose activities that require memorization and certain skills. The key is to keep yourself engaged, and far from doing things on autopilot. There is no need to push yourself too much in order to reap the benefits, but it is ideal to do varying exercises regularly. Studies have shown that active people have a reduced risk for high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.

Helps avoid the dreaded plateau

Doing the same things every day will cause your body to hit plateau eventually. While you will still burn calories, the amount of energy that your body consumes will become fewer as it gets used to the movements. The only way to burn more is to challenge yourself more each time. If you love running, then try to increase the speed or incline to maximize results.