9 Health Benefits of Running…. But Is It The Best Way To Get Fit?


Many people have taken up running as their regular exercise, largely because it’s easy to do for first-timers and doesn’t require any special skill to learn.  You won’t need any special equipment, only some comfortable clothes and running shoes.  Aside from these advantages, what are the main health benefits of running?

Is Running The Best Way To Exercise & Get Fit?

1. Improves heart health

Running is one of the top recommended cardiovascular exercises.  It increases your heart rate to strengthen your heart’s muscles, making you less vulnerable to heart conditions.  Studies show that runners have lesser probability of death from heart disease compared to people who don’t run.

2. Aids in clearing your complexion

Exercises like running increases the flow of blood to our skin, including the transfer of nutrients.  This helps the cells in our skin repair themselves and recover from damage.  Running and the resulting perspiration also aids in getting rid of toxins acquired by the skin, which means your skin’s pores won’t be clogged and will be less prone to skin problems.

3. Naturally lifts your mood

There are hormones released by our body every time we run.  These hormones, particularly endorphins, create what is commonly referred to as feel-good sensations.  They naturally improve your mood.  Long term, this protects you from mental conditions like depression.

4. Releases tension and stress

Aside from the feeling better after running, this exercise is also an excellent coping method for stress management.  The activity can help draw your mind away from stressful events, giving your mind time to rest and recover.  Even a short run can already yield positive results.

5. Helps in fat loss

In addition to making your heart healthy, running is effective at burning calories, helping you shed those excess pounds.  As you run, calories and fats are worked off and this actually continues though in a mild form right after you’re done with your exercise.

6. Makes bones stronger

Though a lot of people think that running puts too much stress on your knees, according to research, it actually fortifies your bones including in your legs.  Knee conditions don’t develop in people due to running.  Since it’s a form of weight bearing exercise, running increases the endurance of your skeletal system.

7. Preserves and maintains your cognitive skills

Lack of exercise can contribute to mental deterioration from aging and the slowing of brain functions.  Running, as an effective exercise, is able to strengthen your body and shield your brain from degeneration.  Even as you grow older, you can still perform your usual tasks with steady focus and enhanced memory.

8. Enhances the immune system

When we run, our body also releases dirt and toxins through perspiration.  This supports our immune system, helping to strengthen it.  In fact, some studies have shown that running is linked as well to a lesser likelihood of serious diseases.. Interesting to hear!

9. Tones your muscles

If you’d like to get lean and achieve your ideal body shape, running is perfect for you.  Because running uses the muscles in your legs, this engages all the muscles in your leg area including your thighs and calves.  Even the core muscles benefit from this exercise helping you attain a well-toned abdomen.