“Boxercise”: EFM Health Clubs Home or Travel Workout


The following home or travel exercise program requires minimal equipment and allows for an all-over body workout, with plenty of variety.

1. Warm up – remember to focus on the muscle groups you will be using in the session.

2. You may need to adjust distances, levels and quantity depending on your gym layout and available machines.

3. Make sure weights are balanced, safe, and that you’re using correct technique and appropriate resistance.

4. Adjust times to suit your total available workout time.

5. Work through, in order, from top to bottom

Warm-up: 5 mins on a machine of your choice


1 min jogging on the spot

1 min cross-overs (punching left and right hand alternately)

1 min upper cuts

1 min jogging on the spot (knees up)

1 min jogging on the spot (heels to bum)


1 min slow

1 min fast

1 min left leg only

1 min right leg only

1 min double skips

Upper Body:

(DB = Dumbbell)

25 x DB front raises each arm

25 x DB standing shoulder press

25 x DB standing alternating bicep curls

25 x DB tricep extensions each arm

If no DBs available, perform 25 x pushups and 25 x dips twice each

Lower Body:

25 x Static lunges each leg

25 x DB squats

25 x side leg raise each leg

25 x DB calf raises each leg

If no DBs available, perform without


30 x Oblique crunches each side

50 x Roman twists (with DB if avail.)

30 sec Oblique hold each side

30 x Reverse crunches

2 x 1min prone brace

Cool down: 5 minutes of low intensity cardio and stretching

And that’s another session down!

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