Does Exercise Reduce Risk Of Cold & Flu?

We know that common colds basically affect the nose, the upper airways and the throat. The common symptoms are sore throat, fever, coughing, blocked nose, general congestion and sneezing. All these symptoms can get worse if proper prevention and cure is not taken.

There is no particular vaccination for cold and flu which is known to be caused by over 200 different viruses. Both cold and flu could also lead to major health complications like pneumonia which is sometimes even fatal.

The flu is majorly caused by influenza virus which further has three types, influenza A, B and C. Good hygiene is the most important way of preventing cold and flus. However, there are many sources that prove how exercise helps cold and flu prevention.

Exercise helps to prevent cold and flu

It is known that individuals who rightly exercise for about 30 minutes everyday on most days of the month are at a significantly much lower risk for contracting any kind of flus and cold. Regular exercising helps fight diseases.

This is because when we exercise, the blood cells in our body move into the bloodstream from our organs where they are then capable of combating and riding the invading pathogens.

Exercises boost the blood circulation making it easier for all the immune cells in the body to get around searching for any flu viruses and killing them. Also, it helps stimulate the lymphatic system that helps in eliminating waste and toxics. And of course, our heart and lung function improves which helps us to fight illness overall.

Physical activities to be performed for managing cold and flu

There are a number of workouts and physical activities that can help one fight against flu and cold. Some of the easiest and effective activities are:

Meditation: Meditation is always known for reducing the occurrence of flu and various chronic diseases. While meditating, a person tends to erase stress from his mind and when this happens, the parasympathetic nervous system enters a trance-like situation.

This allows the body to rest and ease in a condition which is conducive to effective cell regeneration. Thus, blood flow of a person eventually increases and the heart rate is reduced. This leads to a better immune system which to a great extent helps keep cold and flu away.

30-minute workouts: Working out is really important for every human being as the more you workout, the less likely you are to contract diseases. Being active always helps having a strong resistance to diseases.

A regular 30-minute workout helps in getting your muscles stronger and your baseline fitness higher. All you have to do is do stretching exercises, some cardio and some basic resistance training activities. It’s not rocket science!

Jogging: Running on a treadmill will help you sweat that’s for sure, but it’s also a great calorie burner. Burning fats and calories helps maintain weight, which is essential to prevent cold and flus.

Consider going for daily walks

Maintaining weight through a healthy lifestyle and exercising helps prevent diseases like cold and flu as your body is fitter and healthier.