How To Lose Weight In 4 Weeks (Without Crash Dieting)

Four weeks is long enough to help you lose weight safely. Setting a deadline can keep you stay disciplined as you try to reach your target weight. This timeframe can help you develop healthy habits, while seeing the results of your efforts without feeling extremely deprived.

Of course, there are many factors that determine how much weight you can drop in four weeks, such as lifestyle and eating habits. Here are effective tips to help you drop the unwanted kilos in no time:

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How To Lose Weight In 4 Weeks

1. Stick to losing 1-2 kilograms per week

losing weight in 4 weeks

A healthy weight loss means dropping one and a maximum of two kilograms week. It is considered safe, and helps improve your chances of maintaining a healthy weight in the long term. Drastically losing weight is unsafe, and may only cause your body to store more fat and lose muscle mass.

One kilogram of body fat is equivalent to around 7,700 calories. So in simple terms, you have to burn or decrease your calorie intake by 1100 calories a day in order to lose one kilogram per week.

Of course, the goal will be to double this effort to bring your weight down to two kilograms each week, so you can see how shooting for anything more than 2 kilograms per week really is asking for quick-fix measures.

2. Never starve yourself. Stay satiated.

An effective way to lose weight is to stay full throughout the day. If you must eat five or six times a day, instead of just three, then do it. Eating small meals that contain 200 calories every three to four hours can help prevent hunger, and keep your motivation intact.

In addition, filling up on low-calorie foods like fruits and vegetables will allow you to eat more and stay satiated over the course of each day.

3. Combine cardio and resistance exercises

Torching 500 calories a day with exercise will help you lose around 2 kilograms per month alone. Exercises, like strength training, can also boost your lean muscle mass and keep your metabolism in top shape, which also increases fat burning. It is important to mix cardio exercises and strength training to prevent plateau and promote continuous fat burn. An hour of cycling, running, swimming, or resistance training can help you burn up to 500 calories, and a typically EFM workout will torch 500 calories in more like 45 minutes – nice!

4. Monitor your activities

Keeping track of your daily activities will help you see how much more you can lose and where to cut down. It will also help you determine your progress and stay motivated. You can do this using pen and paper, or download mobile apps for easier monitoring. You have to keep track of your calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, water intake, and physical activities.

5. Eat plenty of lean proteins and vegetables

Eating well to lose weight

Avoid pork and beef for the meantime and go for learner options, such as fish and chicken. Fish is particularly helpful in providing fatty acids to your body and give it the beneficial oils for better health. Vegetables are nutritious, and do not contain plenty of calories. Green leafy ones, in particular, are packed with all the vitamins and minerals, and can keep you feel full for longer.

6. Reduce daily calorie intake by 500 calories

Health eating for losing body fat

Taking out 500 calories from your daily consumption is an effective way to lose weight. Eating fewer calories every day may sound overwhelming, but many people consume a great deal of calories more than they know. Note down your calorie intake, and see which foods you can eliminate.

It is also important to monitor your portions, and make sure that you are not eating more than what your body needs. Remove refined sugar and processed carbs, while increasing your fibre and water intake because sometimes a glass of water alone can offset the need to snack on junk food for 30 minutes or more – enough time for the craving to pass.

7. Cut The Junk

Get rid of junk food completely. A person following a healthy diet can sometimes fall of the wagon and eat junk, but it will not cause any significant repercussions. However, if you have only four weeks to drop the weight, then junk food must be avoided at all cost.

You have to keep yourself away from fatty, greasy, and sugary foods as they can only make you gain more weight. Anything that is fried, buttered, chocolate, or sugar-preserved is a no-go. In addition, make sure to read the labels. “Healthy” snacks like granola bars and yogurt can be packed with sugar without you knowing.

8. Drink only water

drink water for weight loss

Water contains zero calories and can help you feel full for longer. It flushes out the toxins from your body, allowing you to lose weight easily. Moreover, hydrating well can make your skin glow and youthful. It also keeps your body energised throughout the day. If you need a flavored drink, you can consider infusing fruits into your water or choose unsweetened tea.