Indoor Triathlon Workout: EFM Health Club Travel Workout


This program is ideal for when you have access to a hotel gym or local gym, however you can follow the same format and substitute cardio exercises for simple running and walking in the instance you do not have gym access.

We have 5 key tips for completing this session”

1. Warm up – remember to focus on the muscle groups you will be using in the session

2. Adjust – You may need to adjust distances, levels and quantity depending on your gym layout and available machines

3. Balance – Make sure weights are balanced, safe, and that you’re using correct technique and appropriate resistance

4. Availability – Adjust times to suit your total available workout time.

5. Stay on track – Go through the program, in order, from top to bottom

Warm up: 5 mins on a cardio machine of choice

Leg 1: Rower 3000M

Transition: 50 abdominal exercise repetitions (eg crunches)

Leg 2: Bike 8Km

Transition: 50 lower back extensions

Leg 3: Treadmill 3Km

Finish: 30 abdominal exercise repetitions (eg crunches)

Cool down: with a 5-10 minutes of low intensity cardio and stretching

Session done! Go and enjoy your holiday 🙂 !


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