The Top Health Benefits Of Turmeric


The flavorful spice that gives curry its yellow color, turmeric, is also nutrient-rich and potent. Many research studies have, in fact, been done to discover the many uses of turmeric. Whether you’re adding it to your favorite dishes or taking it as a supplement, it’s an excellent idea to include it in your daily diet.

Here are some of the most well-known benefits of turmeric:

Top Health Benefits Of Turmeric

1. Helps protect against brain disease and enhances brain function

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is a hormone in the brain that’s necessary for its smooth function. When there are low levels of this hormone, the brain not only slows down in its processes, it’s also more susceptible to brain disease. Fortunately, turmeric has been shown to increase BDNF and strengthen the brain.

2. Has powerful antioxidant properties

Because the curcumin in turmeric is a natural antioxidant, it keeps free radicals from causing damage to your body. At the same time, turmeric fortifies the antioxidants in the body to increase its protection against premature aging and other diseases that develop from free radicals.

3. Prevents and aids in managing depression

Researchers have also seen a connection between low levels of BDNF and depression. Since turmeric increases these levels to a healthy amount, it can also help treat symptoms of depression. This was observed in one study where the curcumin in turmeric produced the same results when tested and compared with a known antidepressant drug.

4. Controls blood sugar levels

Another terrific benefit of turmeric is that it can control blood sugar levels as well as decrease resistance to insulin in diabetics. One study even showed that curcumin is able to help treat diabetes symptoms when compared to the effects of a popular diabetes drug.

5. Combats inflammation

Although inflammation is the body’s way of resisting foreign bodies and germs, constant inflammation damages the body’s system. It can lead to many diseases like cardiovascular problems and even cancer. Turmeric works well at shielding the body from frequent inflammation as well as treating current inflammation such as arthritis.

6. Effective against pain

Since turmeric is able to curb inflammation and swelling, it can also help treat pain. In some studies, researchers found out the pain relieving benefits of this spice. It has great potential for use as a natural way to treat pain.

7. Potentially lowers the risk of cancer

Just as turmeric fights against free radicals, it can also increase the body’s immunity against cancer cells that develop from these free radicals. Currently, experts are also looking at the possibility of turmeric also being useful as natural treatment for some types of cancer.

8. Improves heart health

Many patients who suffer from diabetes or prediabetes also have heart problems. Turmeric can improve the health of your heart mainly by helping regulate your cholesterol levels. This can be used as natural treatment for keeping your blood pressure stable without the side effects of traditional drugs.