What Is The Best Time To Workout?


There are some people who like to be early at the gym while others prefer exercising when they’ve finished their work day or home duties. Some people even choose to work out at night, which many of us can’t imagine doing!

What exactly is the best time to exercise?

Let’s compare the benefits of morning versus afternoon or evening workouts to find out.

Why exercise early in the day

Many individuals who make exercise their first priority in the morning find that they’re better able to stick to this schedule and develop a regular routine of exercising. If we put off working out until later, there’s a likelihood for us to get too busy with other activities that we forget about it or we run out of energy by the afternoon.

For those who are aiming to lose as many kilos as they can as soon as possible, morning workouts are also shown to be the most effective. This is due to the fact that when you’re exercising without having eaten much for the day yet, you’re burning the calories that have been stored in your body and also getting your day of to a great, healthy start (great for motivation).

Why exercise in the afternoon or even at night

Studies show that working out in the afternoon or evening does have its perks. When it comes to strength training, our muscles appear to be at their optimum performance late in the day until nighttime. This is because you’ve already acquired sufficient energy from the food you’ve eaten during the day, giving you more strength for lifting. Physiologically, you’re also primed for increased energy and flexibility.

In some cases, however, people who exercise at night find it hard to fall asleep afterwards. On the other hand, there are several people who actually experience improved quality of sleep even if they work out at night.

Choosing your best time

Though we’ve already established that mornings are more effective for losing weight and afternoons are best for building muscles, your choice of time for working out is ultimately up to you. This depends on your daily schedule, your responsibilities and your location, among other factors. What’s more important for your health is that you engage in physical activity and make it a habit.