7 Strength Training Myths Debunked

Updated 5/1/2021

Weight training or lifting weights is one type of strength training. There are many reasons strength training is good for your health. It makes your bones stronger, not just your muscles, and also can help with flexibility in certain instances.

Furthermore, weight training increases your muscle tone as well and boosts our metabolism. And as we all know, an improved metabolism can be a significant help to weight loss and weight control.

But with all these benefits, why do some people still avoid this weight training?

Here are the most common myths about strength training and the truth behind each:

1. Only men should lift weights

gym personal trainer man with weight lifting bar woman workout in crossfit exercise

In the past, it was mostly men who would try strength training. But, not anymore. In recent years, more and more women are learning to lift weights because they want to improve their overall health.

2. Weight lifting will add bulk to your body

While it’s true that strength training is meant to build muscle, for women’s bodies, the development of muscles has a limit. In most cases, women who engage in strength training will have a leaner and firmer, not necessarily larger, body.

3. Over time, your muscles will convert to fat

The Muscular Fit

When you stop exercising those muscles, they don’t turn into fat, they decline and grow smaller. When people gain weight once they stop exercising, it’s not because of the muscle turning into fat. The real reason is that they’re usually eating the same amount but no longer burning those calories the way they used to.

4. Lifting weights will put too much pressure on your joints

Avoid any exercise that involves bending your knee

Some people are afraid of injuring themselves and this is a real possibility but only if you use equipment that’s way above your level. Especially if you’re a beginner, start small and gradually build up your strength before progressing to heavier weights.

5. Strength training yields results quickly

Weight loss and achieving your ideal physique safely cannot be achieved in just days. It takes work and commitment but if you persevere, you should see the results in a few weeks.

6. Strength training does not burn calories unlike cardio

Cardio Fit

Cardio exercises are most effective for burning calories, but strength training provides you with an added advantage. When you have more muscle, your body is actually capable of burning calories even when you’re resting and not working out.

7. Weight training is only for muscles, it has no other health benefits


When you combine cardio workouts with strength training, your muscles function more smoothly. They are better able to take in blood flow and push this back to the heart. This smooth blood flow aids the heart in working better, improving its health.