6 Benefits of Abdominal Workouts

Updated 19/1/2021

It’s surprising how many people miss the abdominal muscles when working out. In doing so, they miss out on the numerous benefits of abdominal workouts. If you’ve been skipping your ab session, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of ab workouts…

They’re not just there for the 6 pack look!

Abdominal muscles play a crucial role in posture, support of the spine, balance, stability, and respiratory functions such as breathing.

Building strength and endurance in these muscles is essential as it creates benefits such as improved posture, reduced back pain, improved balance and stability and potentially assistance with breathing.

Improved performance in sports

Many sports or strenuous activities require balance, stability and core strength. Abdominal workouts target these muscles and thus provide you with core strength whilst performing the activity.

These workouts enable players to transfer more energy from their core to their limbs, thus, increasing their performance and scores, as opposed to players who have weaker abdominal muscles.

Reduced lower back pain

Lower back pain is a problem affecting many people from all backgrounds. Weak abdominal muscles contribute to increased lower back pain. Lower back muscles that are not exercised become rigid in the joint areas and may lead to chronic lower back pain.

Abdominal exercises target these back muscles and the spine, making them more flexible and less rigid, thus reducing lower back pain.

These workouts also improve body posture when walking, standing or sitting, thus reducing the occurrence of back pain associated with poor posture.

Improved posture and stability

As we’ve referenced, abdominal workouts target the abdominal muscles which are important for posture and balance. Stability is especially vital for people in sports, and the elderly who are at a risk of constant tumbles and slips.

Abs workouts strengthen the muscles around the spine and improve posture as the body’s weight is correctly distributed. Having a good posture is key in increased confidence and good health for the spine.

Abdominal workouts also improve harmony between muscles in the body which plays a major role in balance, posture, and stability.

Improved ability to bear weight

Abdominal exercises provide strength to bear weight. An individual who engages in abdominal workouts is better placed to lift heavier weights without causing damage to the spine. This is because abs workouts strengthen the torso and help to provide a stable base for lifting.

Firmer waistline


Abdominal workouts help in reducing body fat, a problem associated with many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. By increasing muscle mass in the abdominal region, the body metabolism increases and more fats are burned. This leads to a trimmer, leaner body.

Abdominal muscles require strengthening just like other muscles of the body. While these workouts contribute to a good looking and trim body, having the inner muscular strength is a major goal to aim at when doing abdominal workouts.

Variety Is Key

short sprints on the treadmill

Abdominal workouts, however, do not eliminate body fat on their own. If you are looking to actually lose weight, then variety is key. Try a nice balanced workout that includes plenty of cardiovascular exercise, some resistance training for overall strength and of course, remember to work those abs!