How To Lose Stomach Fat (For Men)


Although we tend to worry about stomach fat from an aesthetic standpoint, stomach fat is more dangerous than it looks. It’s associated with diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and other health concerns.

Aside from lifestyle issues such as unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity, another cause of stomach fat in men is changes in hormone production due to aging.

Here are the best tips for reducing fat in the abdomen for men.

1. Cut back on carbs

Eating too much carbs is known to increase weight gain if the energy from the carbs is not burned off. Make the portion for your carbs smaller and replace it with more proteins and vegetables. It’s also a good idea to replace your refined carb foods with whole grains.

2. Include stretching in your workout routine

Stretching does burn a certain amount of calories though not as much as other exercises. It is, however, essential to improving your flexibility and helps prepare your body for a more productive workout.

3. Find the best ways for coping with stress

Many people tend to eat more when whenever subjected to undue amount of tension, anxiety and stress. Constant eating to relieve stress invariably leads to weight gain. Try different stress management techniques instead including meditation and yoga.

4. Use weight training

Weight training can guarantee results because it helps your body continue to burn the calories beyond your work out. Exercises that tone muscles will not just trim your physique but also aid your muscles in getting stronger. Your routine should consist of exercises like crunches with barbells and sit-ups with dumbbells which are some of the most effective.

5. Lessen your alcohol intake

When taken in moderation, alcohol does have some health benefits. However, it has disadvantages, too, including accumulating fat in your belly especially when you have a sedentary lifestyle. One alcoholic drink a day should be your limit but if you want to lose your belly fat fast, it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol.

6. Eat more protein for energy

You will need energy for working out more actively and your best source of energy is more protein. Protein will make you feel more satisfied, plus it’s converted to energy and muscle when you’re exercising. Choose lean protein without the fat, such as chicken breast without skin, lean cuts of pork and eggs.

7. Avoid foods high in sugar

Another food that is sure to lead to weight gain is sugar. Foods high in artificial sweets like pastries, drinks, and candy should be minimized, if not avoided. Natural sweeteners like honey are healthier options but they should still be limited. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits, instead.

8. Hit the cardio

Cardio exercises are the top choice for burning calories and eliminating fat. Vary your cardio exercises and steadily increase the intensity to maximize your results. Aside from cardio-based workout routines, you can also try outdoor cardio like running, cycling, rowing and swimming.

9. Aim for overall weight loss

You might be thinking that you only need to focus on core exercises like crunches in order to trim your middle but this strategy is not really effective. These exercises do tone the muscles in your abdomen but you have to lose the fat first so you can build muscle, which is something you need to achieve for your whole body. Cardio, weight training and diet are still the fundamentals for weight loss.

10. Schedule different training exercises throughout the week

Just as important as using the right kinds of exercise is scheduling your training sessions. Exercises for different parts of the body should be incorporated into your overall plan for the week. Allow your body time to rest as well and recover in between workouts.