Supplements That Actually Make a BIG Difference

Although there are times in the supplements and nutrition industry where promoted supplements are legitimate and backed up by modern science, there is so much “noise” in the industry, that it’s often hard to know which supplements are the best to take, especially when you’re on a fitness program. Below is a short snapshot of the best supplements on the market.

Best Supplements

1. Vitamin D3

Most of us do not get enough sun and even those of us that do still don’t synthesise enough vitamin D naturally in our body.

It has been proven that this “vitamin” actually has hormone like effects on the body when it comes to bone health, immune system health, mental health and other vital functions. It is also incredibly hard to overdose on and more beneficial effects are seen even at extremely high dosages (with diminishing returns of course).

Those of us that live in areas where the weather is seldom sunny, must especially be on the lookout for this one, as it will help you both look and feel better.

2. Calcium:

Supplemental calcium was a fad at a stage that died out when new research came out that drinking milk may not actually results in stronger bones. They later found out that the calcium in milk is not efficiently absorbed, hence the less than positive association. Thus, this doesn’t mean that calcium is useless, it is actually incredibly vital for bone health and your body usually does not have enough of it.

3. Vitamin K2

Now extra Calcium in supplement form is good and all but most of it usually ends up calcifying in your blood stream instead of your bones. This is where vitamin K2 comes in, it helps take the calcium from your bloodstream and into your bones where it belongs. So, if you opt for the calcium supplement, you should also opt for its best friend (K2) to ensure that is all being put to good use.

4. Hydrolyzed Collagen

Collagen forms the building blocks for the elasticity in muscle and the foundation for all connective tissue in the body.

Your body usually does not get enough of it for it to justify wasting resources to synthesise it. So, by consuming more in supplement form, you ensure that your body always has enough available to perform repairs and maintenance on those sensitive tissues.

If you are person who gets injured frequently, then this may be your holy grail. The hydrolysed form is also easier for your body to absorb, so it is best to always opt for it if it is available.


I am aware that many of these supplements are common names that you may know but their fame is because they are the most effective. If you take each of these supplements on a daily basis, I doubt there is much more micronutrients you could ingest to improve your health dramatically, it could be all you need.


When starting any new diet or nutritional program, we recommend that you seek the advice and support of a qualified professional to ensure that it is suitable for you and your individual circumstances.