Carbs – to eat or not to eat is the question….

Updated 15/12/2020

What are we supposed to believe? One day carbs are the root of all evil and now new evidence is telling us that perhaps they are all right after all.

Australian and American research has surprisingly found that there can be room for pasta, rice and potatoes in our diet, if they are served cooked and cold!

The secret lies in the super starch, called resistant starch that is an insoluble fibre and is therefore not broken down by the enzymes like a warm boiled potato would be. This ‘magic’ starch functions as a fibre rather than a simple sugar as most starches do. Make note of the ‘5 Solid Reasons’ below for greater understanding of how it works!

When you think about it, it makes sense. We boil or steam carbs so their consistency becomes softened but after a day in the fridge, they have regained some of their structure. And that is exactly what you can do – enjoy your left over carbs cold the next day. You still need to be careful not to overload on the simple carbs – here are some guidelines:

According to Australian scientists we need 20g a day to benefit from the resistant starch. Choose grains such as barley, beans, cold cooked potatoes, wholemeal pasta or long grain brown rice.

100g boiled cold potatoes = 3.2g resistant starch

100g boiled cold beans = 16 g resistant starch

100g boiled cold rice = 5.8g resistant starch

1 banana = 5g resistant starch

Super Salad:

100g boiled cold potatoes, 1 tsp vinegar (helps release the starch), 100g red kidney beans, 1 tbsp full fat mayonnaise,

1 can of tuna or chicken, 1 small red onion, salt and pepper!

More than 21g of resistant starch and guaranteed full stomach for at least 2 hours!

5 solid reasons to eat carbs!

1. Helps reduce and remove fat between the organs.

2. You feel more satisfied! Leptin (satiety hormone) levels are increased

3. It helps stabilize your blood sugar – less sudden snacking!

4. Helps protect against cancers of the intestine – a specific fatty acid is created during the process.

5. Improved digestion – the resistant starch works against constipation.