Five Fitness Myths Busted

The fitness industry is full of myths. EFM’s National Franchise Support & Recruitment Manager and qualified fitness coach Rocco Pascale was recently interviewed on Canberra’s 2CC radio to debunk 5 fitness myths.

1. You must exercise intensely every day. No, you don’t. Even a 15-minute walk is beneficial.

2. It’s good to feel sore after exercise. Some workouts can make you feel sore but stretching and using the correct technique will alleviate soreness.

3. Just working out is enough to lose weight. Working out burns calories and fat, but a bad diet will outweigh the calories burnt, resulting in zero weight loss.

4. You must spend hours in the gym. No. Generally, a short strength and aerobic workout provides the most benefits.

5. To lose weight, you must choose intense workouts. Intense workouts can burn calories faster, but lower intensity workouts and aerobics can also burn the same number of calories. It’s about finding the right fit for you.

Listen to the interview below to get the full story: