Today I thought I’d talk about something very close to my heart; something paramount in maintaining a good relationship with your gym: HONESTY.

EFM is a very personal business. It’s not a 24 hour gym where you’re just a number and a wallet. I feel I have a great relationship with all of my members, and you’re people I count as friends (you may not like me all of the time, but still friends!) You are ALWAYS honest to your friends, aren’t you?!

For you to see results, any results, you need to be honest with yourself, you need to be honest with me and you need to be honest with everyone around you.


Funnily enough, you are the easiest person to be fooled by yourself. We convince ourselves eating a triple choc peanut butter brownie with ice cream is ok because you did a “massive” workout yesterday.

We also convince ourselves doing 2 rounds of the workout instead of 3 is just as beneficial because it’s “a tough one today”.

Are you really eating the best you possibly can? Are you really pushing yourself hard during your sessions and getting through as much as possible? If yes, then good. This is where you need to be honest with yourself. If you mess up, admit it to yourself, don’t make excuses, and move forward with the next day.


The next person to be honest with is me, your coach. If I ask how your food has been for the week and you know it’s been bad – let me know. Maybe we can have a chat, see what went wrong and help you set things in place so it doesn’t happen again.

The same thing goes for struggling with visits. If I email, text or give you a call because I haven’t seen you for a week, and you let me know you will be back tomorrow and you’re not, I’ll just keep harassing you again and again! Maybe I can help you set time management goals or give you tips on how to get up and out of bed!

Another part of being honest with me is giving feedback. If you think I push you too hard or I’m not hard enough, tell me and I can make changes to ensure you’re getting the service you want. The members who feel they’re getting the best service are the members who are most honest with me. They tell me they had a big weekend and are suffering from too many gin and tonics, or they’ve had a family problem and have struggled sleeping. Although it’s personal information, it all helps mould the way I will train you.


Finally, look at being honest to those around you. If your friends and family ask how everything is going, be honest. There is no point saying everything is going well, for them to see you 4 weeks later unhappy and complaining of not being able to sleep. This comes back to being honest with yourself. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll be on track most of the time so when you tell people things are going fantastic, they really are!

See if you can be a bit more honest with yourself, your coach, and the people around you over the coming weeks, and see if you notice any changes. Good luck!

Coach Nathan

EFM Health Clubs King William Street